Meowant Litter Box | Automation Purr-fection

meowant litter box

Meowant Litter Box | Automation Purr-fection

Because even cats deserve a clean throne without the royal mess!

Meet the Meowant litter box, the ultimate solution to those paw-sitively pesky litter box problems! It takes cat comfort and human convenience to a whole new level of purr-fection. If your feline friend could talk, they’d say, “It’s about time, hooman!”

Odor Control, Baby!

First things first, Meowant boasts odor control that’s so impressive it could moonlight as an air freshener. Thanks to its trusty filters, your home will be as odor-free as a cat nap in a field of catnip. No more stink-eye from your kitty or judgmental glares from visitors.

Multi-Function App

But that’s not all – Meowant’s multi-function app is the cat’s meow! It tracks your cat’s bathroom habits (because every cat parent secretly wants to know), reminds you when it’s time for a refill, and provides a daily “purrformance” report that’s more informative than a cat documentary.

Can you hear me now?

And here’s the kicker: it’s quieter than a mouse tip-toeing through a cheese shop, so you won’t disturb your precious furball during their private time.

And the best part? Meowant is the most chill litter box when it comes to litter choice. It welcomes just about any cat litter with particles smaller than 1/2″, because who wants to argue with a finicky feline about their litter preferences?


In a world where cat gear can cost a fortune, Meowant is refreshingly budget-friendly (unlike the Petsnowy). It won’t have you contemplating a second mortgage or questioning if you’ve become a cat butler.

So, if you’re keen on spoiling your feline without draining your wallet, Meowant is the savvy choice. It’s a win-win for you and your kitty. Affordable luxury? Yes, please!

Dimensions: 14.1″ wide x 13.7″ deep x 19.7″ high

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