Leo’s Loo & Leo’s Loo Too

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leo's loo too

Leo’s Loo & Leo’s Loo Too | Almost a Fashion Statement

The Maestro of Automatic Litter Boxes for Feline Friends


Leo’s Loo and its snazzy sequel, Leo’s Loo Too, have unleashed a whirlwind of change in the feline world. Gone are the days of scooping cat litter with the enthusiasm of an archaeologist excavating ancient ruins.

With features that rival the most high-tech gadgets out there, Leo’s Loo Too is the James Bond of litter boxes. It’s got more tricks up its sleeve than a magician at a birthday party.

Google/Alexa Compatible

First off, it’s got Google and Alexa voice controls, because who wouldn’t want to impress their guests by ordering a poop scoop with a simple command? And if you’re feeling lazy (or just want to mess with your cat), you can control it through a mobile app.

Safest Automated Litter Box Around

The Leo’s Loo Too even has triple-layer safety protection – just in case your cat decides to test the boundaries of its shenanigans.

UV Light for Odor Control

But wait, there’s more! It’s got programmable UV light, because your cat deserves a spa day too. And let’s not forget the four fab colors and modern design that’ll make your old litter box look like a relic from the ’90s.


Leo’s Loo Too isn’t just a litter box; it’s a game-changer for cat parents everywhere. With all its high-tech features, it’s like the cat equivalent of a five-star hotel and a true rival for the Litter Robot. Your furry friend will be purring with delight, and you’ll be wondering how you ever lived without it.

So, if you’re ready to bid farewell to the days of manual scooping and hello to the future of feline sanitation, Leo’s Loo Too is the way to go. Your cat will be living the dream, and you’ll be the proud owner of the coolest litter box in town. It’s a win-win for both you and your purrfect companion!

Dimensions: 22″ wide x 24″ deep x 27.5″ high

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